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Experience Canada’s First Rental Hot Tub Boats!

Enjoy a unique experience on the water with your friends! Relax in a hot tub as you explore the Upper Harbor and Gorge Waterway. Check out Canada’s first fleet of hot tub boats.

This is the perfect way to celebrate a special occasion, enjoy a night out with friends, or show your guests a unique side of Victoria.

  • Boats cleaned and disinfected before every rental
  • Fresh, clean, hot water for every cruise
  • Hot water maintained by the onboard stove and heated by briquettes
  • Price includes hot tub boat full of hot water and ready to cruise, 1.5 hours on the water, 30 min orientation, Environmental fee, Bluetooth speaker, 1 dry bag for belongings, 1 bottle of water per person, compressed wood log & kindling, lifejackets and safety equipment, dockside storage for your belongings, use of change room space and outdoor shower.

Includes a 30-min. orientation before the 1.5-hour rental